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An Introduction to Schiller's Cookie Co.

Welcome! We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves, our business, tell you how we got here, and where we plan to go.

Meet Schiller's Cookie Co.

Who's Amy?

Hi! I'm the co-owner of Schiller's Cookie Company. Cookie decorating has been my creative outlet since 2019. I learned everything on my own from trial and error. I don't have any professional experience as a baker, but I do have experience in the hospitality industry. I started working in hospitality at the ripe age of 16. Although I've had a couple of stints outside of the industry, I always find myself crawling back. Recently, I accepted a job as a Sales & Marketing Manager in Private Events & Catering with an awesome company called 16 on Center (they have some pretty cool concepts, check them out here ). I'm so excited to bring my expertise from sales and marketing management back into our business.

Who's Sarah?

Sarah is co-owner of Schiller's Cookie Company. During the day, you can find her working as a contract administrator and at night you can find her at home baking cookies! She started working in the hospitality industry at 16 years old. To add to that, she majored in hospitality management at Roosevelt University. Her expertise and knowledge helps us stand out when it comes to our cookie business. She's constantly bringing new ideas to the table and perfecting her cookie recipes. When she's not cookie'ing or working, you can find her releasing endorphins at the gym. She has some really big ideas for our cookie business, and I'm so excited to see where she takes us.

Meet the Business

Why a cookie business?

Some of our favorite memories are baking cookies with our grandma in her kitchen. She'd pull up a couple wooden chairs to the counter and our little hands would help her inaccurately measure out flour and sugar. We'd insist on cracking eggs straight into her kitchen-aid mixer, because that's how she did it. Through that experience, she became a pro at retrieving egg shells from cookie dough and we became a lot better at measuring ingredients and cracking eggs. If you know Sarah and I, you know that cookies have always been our thing. We owe a lot of our love for baking to our grandma, nana, and mom. They've provided us with SO many recipes that have been passed down from generations. We love sugar cookies, but we're sure that eventually we will be introducing those OG recipes too!

Any future plans?

Oh, of course. We always dream big! Not many people know this, but we actually already have an LLC (Schiller's Cookie Company, LLC.). We hope to open up a small little cookie shop in Downtown Arlington Heights one day. There's so many more plans for the future. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what!

Wow, those are some big goals!

They are, and we know it will take a couple years to get there. In the meantime, we're going to continue to build our business, explore new ideas, and work our butts off.

Want to follow along on our journey? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can also subscribe to our emails at the bottom of our home page.

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