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A Schiller's Cookie Company Update

Hi everyone,

Long time no talk! We're here with some exciting updates.

Life Updates

Sarah and I have been BUSY taking on custom orders and working on pre-sales for holidays. Not that we're complaining, because we absolutely love what we do. These first couple of months as small business owners have been nothing but sweet to us (pun intended).

Sarah is approaching the year end at her full time job which means overtime!! But it also means over-over time since it seems like she is always in the kitchen baking cookies for me to decorate.

I (Amy) am settling into my new job and absolutely loving it. With COVID dying down a bit (I should bite my tongue), everyone is looking to book events! My team is awesome and super supportive of my cookie business which is a win-win. Oh, also my dog turned 3. So that was fun!

Easter Pre-Sale

With our crazy schedules, Sarah and I made a decision not to offer an Easter Pre-Sale this year. This was HARD because we were really looking forward to it. We had all the cookies cutters ready to go and actually started making samples already (see below).

Since we are taking this time to focus on custom orders, we do want to do a couple of custom orders for Easter. If you're interested in Easter cookies, please fill out our custom orders form! We can do personalized cookies for Easter baskets, the cuties you see above this paragraph, or Easter egg shaped cookies. If you'd like to place an order, please submit a form here. It doesn't have to be 1 dozen, we can make as little as 1/2 a dozen.

Soooooo, what's next for Schiller's Cookie Company??

OH! WE FORGOT TO MENTION!!! We will be at the Revive Handmade Market in Long Grove on April 24th in our OWN TENT. This is a Mother's Day market, so we will have Mother's Day options but also sooooo many other cookies to choose from.

We really hope you will come out to visit us and we are so excited to meet some friendly faces in person. If you want to RSVP, click here.

I don't think we have any other news to throw at you today but we hope you enjoyed our update. :)

See you April 24th,

Schiller's Cookie Company

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